Thursday, July 8, 2010

Random Thoughts and how do you upload pictures?

I'm having real difficulties uploading pictures from the computer, my droid phone and from Picasa.  
Can anyone give me some pointers on how to upload correctly? 

Ceredo-Kenova Little League Baseball Stadium, an excellent refurbished field, will be the host stadium for a tournament next weekend.  Many people spent many hours working on the stadium and field last year, even the groundskeepers from the Cincinnati Reds came and helped get the grass perfect! 
I will have more details tomorrow on the games and the states playing. 
It is quite interesting, hundreds of people come here from different states to see their teams play.  If the temperatures are more moderate, we will go to a few games, otherwise my family will go without me.  Big Grin there!

It has been so hot and so humid...its the humility humidity that bothers me so much now. I wonder how I was able to work in such sweltering conditions month after month?  I guess age is catching up with me!  
I get up early, water my plants and then I'm back in the house till late evening.
Even the dogs are eager to get back in the house, usually I have to coax them in from the yard.

Today I even did some much needed and much dreaded housework!  
My sewing area is 'calling' me, a quilt is pin-basted and ready to machine quilt.  It's been that way since March, sad isn't it?  Depression sets in and that's it for me for a while.

Maybe if I talk about it here, I will start working on my unfinished projects.  There are several more tops ready to be quilted,  and so much fabric waiting to be sewn!
I do love to sew, and when I get my self together, I will share the things I like to sew.

Tomorrow, the seeds will be sown for fall crops.  I was late getting my plants out this spring, and I've read up on starting the same seeds for fall.  The soil has been moistened and is ready to plant.
Container gardening is new to me, but so far the plants seem to be doing well.  A few of the plants have tiny zucchini on them, now keeping my fingers crossed that the dreaded cutworms don't attack.

If I haven't lost you yet with my random thoughts, thank you for reading !

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Average Girl said...

I think your random thoughts are great! I get the unable to do anything but the bare minimum when you are in a funk. Happens to me all the time!

As for the photos, when you draft your latest post, you will see a little picture icon above where the content of your post is and below the title of your newest post, if you press that, it will allow you to upload pictures (one at a time though) from your computer, and then you can highlight them and add them to your post.

Hope that helps... Have a great day!