Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ceredo Historical Museum part 1

Photo of an oil painting by the conservator of the Ceredo Museum, Carroll Conners.
She worked from a photo to recreate this lovely scene.
The location is what the area near my house looked like over 100 years ago.

The 3 houses shown are still standing with a few changes.
The yellow house now opens to the 'long' side , and to my knowledge which is limited has been passed down through the same family since it was built.

The white house is still known as the Wright House.  It now has a wrap-around porch that was put on with great care to match the architecture of the house.   The Wrights were a wealthy family who owned the General Store in town, one of their many endeavors, and had several children. 

The house beside the white house is known as the Old Parsonage.  Until recently, each minister of the First Congregational Church would move into the house as part of his salary.  The church is right around the corner, making it handy for
us kids in the neighborhood to aggravate him both the minister and the members of the church.

The horse-drawn wagon is picking up the trash.  This is a tradition that has continued, as I think Ceredo is the only town around that picks up garbage twice a week and trash on Wednesdays!
Anything except old tires, that's another story.

If only these houses could talk!

I spent an afternoon at the Museum, and picked up many facts that I will try to pass on in a way that won't put you to sleep as maybe this did.

This lovely painting hangs in the Museum, which is a real treasure for a town as small as ours. 
It is packed with information and items from the Revolutionary War right up to today. 
All of the items have been collected or donated by citizens of Ceredo, and there is a wide variety of things to see - from a 3000 year old petroglyph to the yearbooks from our now defunct beloved C-K High School and Buffalo High School.

The hours are  9 am to 4 pm Tuesday and Thursday
601 Main Street
Ceredo, WV


Average Girl said...

Cool! I love history especially old homes... no old homes where I live, they have absolutely no thought on preservation in my town, they tear down and put up 18 townhouses or condos or freaking apartment buildings, something about the carbon foot print or the amount of people they can get per density... it is so sad! Ironically tho, all the counsellors and the multi mayors all have acreage while the rest of us poor suckers live on very small square footage... Can you tell I am a bit bitter about this? lol

Helena said...

Hi, Deborah -- Just stumbled across your blog. My father's family is from Ceredo. You may have seen my great uncle's books when you visited the library. Family name is Adkins. Will look forward to seeing more of your Ceredo/Kenova/Huntington posts.