Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Busy River

 Train on the railroad bridge, tugboats ready to push barges of coal
The train is crossing from West Virginia over the Ohio River into Ohio
The closest bridge for cars is 5 miles away

The conservation officer going to check boats for safety equipment

A tugboat going to hook up barges

It is so very hot today, I thought I would feature a few pictures taken by my son of the Ohio River.
These were taken in a small park where the Big Sandy River empties into the Ohio River. 
You can see three states from the park. 
It is a well-kept park with a large gazebo to sit in when the heat becomes unbearable.   
We go there to watch the personal watercraft-speed boats, jet skis, fishing boats- and watch the many tugs and tows that travel both rivers.  
Both banks of the Ohio are lined with barges full of coal or oil by-products.
Doesn't the water look so inviting?  
It would be nice to be able to float around and cool off this evening!   
How warm was it in your part of the world?
It only reached 100 here today...


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Average Girl said...

Ugggghhhh! 100 degrees... that would do me in. We are 30 degrees celsius which would be close to 78-80 degrees! Factor in all the wind and my poor plants are suffering with the heat and the wind sucking the moisture out of them! I hope you get to take a lovely dip in the water tonight!

Thanks for the two comments on my blog today! I am glad to know that I am not the only one who feels pooped and is concerned about nature!