Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday to "Sew Many Blessings" Quilt Shop

I had this ready early, but Blogger threw it back...was it because it wasn't grammatically correct? or just poor content? Hmmm..

Today and Friday (July 15 and 16) is the 4th birthday of my local quilt shop "Sew Many Blessings".

They always have a huge sale to celebrate their birthday, and this sale is a good one!
 Heidi and Winona stock the most beautiful fabrics, so their sales are always jammed packed with shoppers.

Be prepared to wait, as you stand shoulder to shoulder with other fabricholics shoppers to get your fabric cut and purchased.  This is a good wait, though, because you see your fellow quilters, and talk about new patterns and different fabrics.  The time spent waiting just flies by!

Knee deep in empty bolts, full bolts and partial ones, Heidi and Winona are friendly and helpful as always.  Refreshments are served, and a good time is had by all.  In fact, there are some of us who look forward to and plan for this sale.  

Most quilters will start their Christmas projects soon. 
I don't, because I am a procrastinator (there, I said it).  I will be the one at the sewing machine on the night before Christmas, working at lightning speed and making mistakes because I didn't take my time and start in July.

If you are in Ceredo today, swing by the Plaza and visit the quilt shop, you will enjoy it!
They also offer loads of wonderful classes.  I seldom take one because of my panic disorder, but the classes offered and the teachers are excellent!

An added bonus is I can walk to the Quilt Shop! 

Gotta go,  I'm going to the sale!

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