Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Family Furry Friends


 Cletus Boudreaux
Earl Boudreaux

How would life be without dogs?
I often wonder about people who don't like dogs.
What do they do with their spare time?

The top dog, Chalupa, is the top dog!  His person is my father-in-law, PT.
Chalupa, a chihuahua,  thinks he weighs at least 100 pounds, and rules his yard and house.
His person is his world, and if PT is in the hospital, Chalupa will not eat or play.
He is devoted.
Maggie is our new grand-dog.  She had a rough time before coming to live with us.  
She is the princess.
She does mind Chalupa when she goes to visit.

The next two dogs consider me to be their person.  They are litter mates, and have not been separated since birth.  I held and fed Cletus when he was only a few days old, and fell in love!
I had no intentions of getting two tiny puppies at one time, but, who could resist?
They are my Wayne County Red Dogs, so lovable! 
I've decided that their breed is  Peke-a-Bee,  we know what kind of dog their mama was, but the daddy was a traveling salesman...
They are very sheltered very gentle little dogs.  

I love them all.

photos from my motorola droid phone


"Cottage By The Sea" said...

I can't imagine why one would live without dogs. I don't even trust people who don't like dogs! I have always had them and always will - sometimes they're better than people, are they not? Your pics are too cute and I love their names.

Average Girl said...

I just adore dogs..... I love your description of them. We have a miniature daschund named Fred... and he is just the sweetest little thing, who wants to be everyone's friends and loves every single dog and person he encounters. Pampered to the nines, I wouldn't have it any other way!

Smooches to your pooches!

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

Life without dogs would not be life. At least not any life I would want. I love my pups. They give me smiles all day long. I've never been without dogs and I hope I never will be. Yours are absolutely adorable and I can see, more than a little spoiled, (just as it should be). I used to have a Maggie (Irish Wolfhound) too. I loved the name so much I used it when naming my youngest daughter! I think it's a privilege to be named after a beloved dog — don't you? Anyway, you can read about my pups and my Maggie in my archives. Besides my cottage, they're one of my favorite things to write about. Hmmm. I see I've already commented above. Oh well. Worth commenting again.