Thursday, July 22, 2010

Plus-sized Model? No Way!

Crystal Renn appeared on the 'Today Show' this morning.  She was making an appearance because she was outraged that her photo had been photoshopped to make her appear as if she was a size 2.  

The thing is, Crystal Renn says she is a Plus-Sized Model.  She wears a freakin' SIZE 10!

The average size for American Women is size 14.  That's right, size 14.

What is wrong with a few curves?  Does every woman and girl have to be a stick?

According to the media, anything over a size 2 is not pleasant to the eye.
No wonder young girls and women are literally dying to look like the models of today.

Sorry, I'm just amazed and outraged that she could take up valuable news time with such phoney-baloney.

Excuse me while I go exercise, diet, and do it all again.  Nah, I don't think so...I'll just eat some cake.