Monday, August 16, 2010

Water Fun with Firetrucks!

A local church has a youth event "Nic at Night" every Sunday evening on a nearby football field.  
(The football field is/was part of  C-K High School, which was closed due to consolidation...a.sad but true story I'll save for another time.)  
With the heat index and impending start of school, the youth group leaders planned a fun evening with water!  
A huge tarp was spread, colorful flags and buckets were placed, teams were formed, and it was time for fun, fun, fun!  
Not content with regular water hoses, the volunteer Fire Departments were asked to help.

Ceredo brought the tanker truck

Kenova brought their huge ladder lift that water up into the air as far as possible

There were well over 100 teens and children in attendance-
The leader said "Let the Games Begin!"    
The water began to flow....
The above picture is deceiving,  the spray covers a BIG area! 
Every person was soaked and had so much fun!  
The next pic shows how far the spray really helped made a great event. 
We thoroughly enjoyed watching and listening to the kids have a good CLEAN time!


Daryl said...

On a hot day/night this could be really wonderful

Average Girl said...

looks like so much fun... you should have run and played in it too!!!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

i could go for some of that!!