Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2 More Furry Children


Princess Purry Puss

"dogs have Owners, cats have Staff!"

I want to introduce you to the two furry children who rule our home!
Both have totally captured our hearts with their purrs and kitty kisses .

Wilbur is nearly 15 years old, and has recently started losing weight.  He hasn't slowed down, he is still the boss of the dogs and of us:)  but I'm afraid his age is beginning to show a little..
He gives me kitty kisses every day, and before bedtime, he will curl up on my shoulder and give me sweet little hugs.
I rescued him from an uncertain fate, he and his siblings were on their way to the pound.
I  had 4 grown cats at that time, and couldn't turn down the chance to have a kitten.
He instantly made friends with the other cats, and has ruled our world since!

The Princess is a fighter.  
We rescued her from a local convenience/gas store during a rain storm.
I don't think she would have lived long - she is tiny (she weighs less than five pounds) and is extremely feisty!
Both characteristics combined would have been hard on a 'street' cat.
She is very loving, and has decided that she owns my husband, a job which he has gladly accepted.
A long story, but he is one of those who didn't care for cats at first.  Now, he prefers cats!
Wilbur  and the Princess love my sewing room.  They tend to make disorderly messes when deciding which fabric to sleep on, but that is fine.  Its part of their charm! 

My beloved cats...I can't imagine life without them!


Karen said...

Pets are truly an extention of family and they give tremendous comfort and companionship without asking very much of us.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

We love our pets too. 1 cat and 2 wolves. Your cats are beautiful!

Average Girl said...

Deborah........ thank you for the very kind words on my blog... Don't aspire to be like me in my writing... because you are you and your blog is wonderful, and sweet, and very much from the heart and your thoughts for the day! I flounder every day when I write my blogs. I wonder if people think i am crazy, i worry that people say "oh my gawd, not more pictures" or "is she talking about flatulence again?"... You're blog is as special as you are, and it shows who you are and that makes your blog incredibly successful! Keep it up because I really enjoy what you post! There are, in my opinion, three types of blogs: there are those blogs done by people who are trying to make you believe that they lives in these sweet little cottages and their lives are all about romanticism, there are those who want to share and teach with you the things that they have learnt, and there are those blogs that fall into the category of "this is who I am and this what is I am about". You are the last blog, the type of blog I am truly drawn too! Keep up the good work sunshine cause I think you are doing a brilliant job!