Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Train Station

My son and I went on a little adventure yesterday, driving out through the countryside, over winding narrow roads that made their way up and down the hills. It was a wonderful drive,  the heat made the hills look hazy and soft, we saw wildlife, many old farms, cows, and lots of rolls of hay.  So many lovely photo opportunities, but such a horribly hot day, and not many places to pull off the narrow roads.
  Did I take pictures? Yes, but not until we were back in the neighboring town, Catlettsburg Kentucky, just across the river!  
This train station was renovated and converted into a museum several years ago,  but the caboose and signal lights are recent additions.  One man took the job of re-doing the caboose, and has done wonders, even adding air conditioning.
The freshly painted caboose is in delightful contrast with the rusty undercarriage. 
It was fun to see this area being  refreshed with old things-I see so much value in saving these irreplaceable pieces of history.


Average Girl said...

me too... i think we should do our best to save the heritage sites... great photos Deborah!!!

Fireblossom said...

Hi Deborah :-)

I thought your comments about the little sad pooch at Daryl's blog were cute, so I've come wandering by.

The pictures are wonderful! As a child, I was fascinated by cabooses, and wished I could get to have a ride in one. Nothing has really changed except that one doesn't see a caboose very often, anymore. I'd STILL like a ride in one!

All of these pictures are marvelous, and I particularly like the close shot of the back of the caboose. There is something about the baggage door shot, too, that I really like. Train stations seem so romantic to me; they give me a wistful feeling, and it's neat when someone fixes them up.