Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hot Evening at the Park

It is, once again, very hot, very humid and very hazy.  
The temperature was about 95 degrees and the heat index was 100.
We drove to Virginia Point Park, where the Big Sandy River empties into the Ohio River.
As hot as it was at 7 pm, there were quite a few people camping, practicing soccer and riding bicycles!


Jacqueline said...

The water looks so beautiful. I hope it helped cool the hot night. We could have used a little hot here tonight as we took the extended family to a water park. We still had a lot of fun, especially seeing the one year old dance to the music while swimming.

Average Girl said...

Kind of reminds of "coming close to the end of summer days".. those lazy hot afternoons... I hope it cools down for you soon Deborah... I would be without a doubt a miserable person to be around in heat that high!!!

Sandy said...

I am curious about what Snookie was after. Is he a Whippet?