Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

The leaves are beginning to turn colors quickly now, and the ground is littered with the glowing colors of the fallen leaves!
Surely my neighbors are used to seeing me peering at the ground, while I look for interesting leaves...if not, they do know I march to my own drummer:)

In the news:
Hail storms in NYC?
Rescue of the Chilean miners starting tonight.  Hope they are all safely pulled to the surface

Pumpkin carving starts October 23 at the Griffith Pumpkin House.  Trying to be patient and get all of my fall housecleaning finished before then. 

What is your favorite thing to do or see during the Fall Season?
I'm enjoying watching the leaves turn, especially since we are having unseasonably warm weather!


Average Girl said...

walking thru leaves.....the crunching effect

followed by reading books and cups of tea while it rains outside

followed by the fire going and snuggling with my little pooch

followed by the feeling of hunkering down for winter

hope all is well with you Deborah... i wasn't sure if you saw or not, but I did feature your blog on Monday under the Paying it Forward series.

Cheers for now


Mental P Mama said...

Those storms were wild the other night...and now? We get a nor'easter. I hope the leaves are able to hold on long enough for me to take some pictures!