Friday, October 15, 2010

Fun Friday

This fun bear is all dressed up for Halloween!
He is the mascot for Griffith & Feil Drug and Soda Fountain
The Soda Fountain is authentic, featuring tin ceilings, wooden floors and 'real' sodas- including Coca Colas made the old fashioned way with syrup and carbonated water.  Yum!
A wooden telephone booth is a handy coat closet.
The walls are decorated with old pictures of how our towns once looked.
A fun place to enjoy a meal and a soda!

Note:  I'm behind on my replies, I've had a bad headache all week.  My apologies, and I will get to each of you soon!  I love reading the comments and replying!


SewCalGal said...

what a fun place. And I love the bear!


Average Girl said...

That looks like an awesome place to go... I have to tell you that being Canadian, one of the things that drives me nuts is the lack of respect for older buildings... I hate to stereotype, but it just feels like all we do is rip down and never restore anything... Just put up new, take down the old... I so love character... Nice shot Deborah!


Hope your head is better! I was worried about you!

grandmarockton said...

Love the pictures! but then I love old buildings! I remember going in to order a Green River!

Karen said...

Hi Deborah. I have found your site through your link with Quilting Blogs. I laughed straight away when I saw your disclaimer and knew I had to read on. I have especially enjoyed the photos and feel I have learned lots about your lovely town. Look forward to reading future posts.