Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sneak Peek - Pumpkins!

Can you get a peek of what is in these boxes?  Pumpkins!   At the Pumpkin House!
As we were driving by, we saw a big truck loaded with the boxes.  I told my hubby to hurry so I could get a good picture.  We pulled as close as possible and saw that many other loads of pumpkins had already been unloaded and were waiting to be carved  for Halloween! 

I can't wait to go and help clean pumpkins and take lots of  pictures:) 


Daryl said...

I love pumpkins, I think I need to start posting pix of them ... and pumpkin seeds w/o salt are the preview peek, d.

Average Girl said...

I love pumpkins... but a couple of years ago, I bought these teracotta pumpkins and all I have to do is stick a candle in them. Perhaps a little lazy huh?

Happy Weekend to your Deborah!