Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Victoria and Berkley

The pink morning glories grow on one side of the alley, the blue ones on the other!  I don't understand why, so I just stop to appreciate their beauty each day. 

Victoria the kitten has her own little personality - she is very vocal and very active at only 5 weeks old!
The Princess has decided to mother the kitten and washes her constantly, doesn't want us touching her and lets her eat all she can hold about 5 times a day.  Kittens are time-consuming, but well worth it!

I made a quilt for a puppy today.  A very special puppy who must have heart surgery on Wednesday.  Our friends are foster parents for the little puppy, and have raised, thru the no-kill animal shelter, enough money to have the surgery done.  Please keep Berkley in your thoughts as he goes through this life-saving procedure.


Daryl said...

Oh I will keep him in my thoughts along with my Rose who as soon as her anemia is better must have major dental surgery ... we learned last nite that is why she isnt eating ...

Average Girl said...

I will send all good vibes to Berkley! Deborah... You are a very kind person indeed!