Thursday, September 23, 2010

Morning, Glory

The morning glories are still blooming!  The vines and leaves are beginning to look a little ragged, but the blooms continue.
Another busy day for my limited amount of stamina - we finished pinning the quilt in order to start the quilting.
We were able to quilt 1/4 of the quilt today, it is one of the biggest I've ever attempted to quilt on my home machine.  The new machines that have the big areas between the body of the machine and the needle are very tempting (especially the new Horizon by Janome:))  It would make it so much easier to do free motion quilting!
Enough dreaming, time for bed - a long day of machine quilting tomorrow!
I also have to get ready for the new kitten, she will live in our master bath until she is a little larger and my older cats have time to adjust to a 'youngin' in the house!


Average Girl said...

up here the morning glories are white and considered a noxious weed, believe it or not... everybody curses them because they strangle out all the other plants. personally, i quite like them! good luck tomorrow with all the quilting my friend!


Daryl said...

Glorious Glory .. and I am sure she will fit right in. The older cats always seem to understand when its a kitten ... not so much an older cat ...

Mental P Mama said...

That morning glory is glorious! Happy sewing;)

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

That glory is as glorious as you. And theres nothing like a baby in the house!