Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bald Cypress in the Neighborhood

The cones of  the 100 ft. tall Bald Cypress growing across the street.
The tree is a deciduous conifer, so it loses its needles during the winter.
I've never noticed cones on this tree before, they look like bunches of grapes hanging, and the tree is loaded with them this year.  The squirrels will be fat this winter!
These trees are usually found in the Southeastern states and mostly grow in swamps...the trees with 'knees'.
I don't know how this one came to be growing here, but it is a very regal tree to have in the neighborhood.

What are you doing this weekend?  
Ceredo has its annual town reunion tomorrow and will have lots of good music, lots of people, and lots of good food !  We generally go and listen to the music for an hour or two, and see people we haven't seen for a while.  Its fun!


Average Girl said...

Oh it sounds like fun for you... apparently I am doing laundry and grocery shopping etc.! bleck!

The Cypress makes me think of Christmas...!

Have a great weekend!

Country Girl said...

This is amazing! I have never seen a Bald Cypress before. Those cones are like something from a fantasy land.

Daryl said...

I am LOL .. I read BAD Cypress .. and wondered why/how it was BAD .. sigh ..

My weekend was so busy .. friends in from out of town, another vet visit, lots of eating, talking, laughing and fun!