Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First Signs of Autumn

With a full week of Summer remaining, I was surprised to find these leaves had already fallen, and a Blue Jay had lost a feather. 
It looks like an important feather..hope he isn't flying around half naked!  
Today was a crisp windy day...it seems Autumn really is just around the corner.


Daryl said...

that is a BIG feather ..

Anonymous said...

That is one gorgeous feather....

Hope you are having a great day Deborah!


Anonymous said...

Deborah... if i don't post on our blog for the next couple of days, it's because the pain is so great that I can barely stand it... Keep up the awesome blogging and I will see you, my blogging buddy, in a few days or so!


"Cottage By The Sea" said...

What a beautiful photograph. We hardly had a summer here at the beach. It was unusually cool and cloudy and fall has been pretty much the same. Your fall looks gorgeous!