Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Sun is Shining!

Today, the sun is shining and it is 49 degrees out!  I'm excited to see the sun shine brightly enough to create the shadows:)  I even felt like going out and taking a few pictures!

Little Mr. Squirrel was in a playful mood today, and acted as if he was posing for me as he scampered through the tree branches and about the yard -

Wow, I'm astonished by how much snow some of you received!  I was griping about the 2 inches of snow we received earlier in the week, but I am not saying another word after seeing pictures of over 3 feet of snow in Connecticut.

My husband had an endoscopy Friday morning. He saw a different doctor this week who is (I hope) going to find out the cause of his intense stomach pain.  The doctor said the endoscopy was clear, I'm so thankful.  Next week he is scheduled to have an ultrasound of his gall bladder. 

I should get at least two of the dog's heads cut out and sewn down this evening for my 'Let Sleeping Dogs Lie', and will post a pic as soon as I do!

Thanks so much for all the recent comments.  If I haven't replied, please excuse me, this has been a very busy week and I will reply as soon as I can.

I can't believe that January is almost gone, even with all the snow days, it has just flown by! 


Average Girl said...

Sun sun sun.... how I long to see the sun!

Aaron said...

Sun???? What's that??? And cutting dogs heads off???? U sick sick people!!!! Lmao. Miss you guys!!! You gotta come visit us at the "kennel" !!!!!

Daryl said...

Keeping your thoughts for your husband ... and loving those photos