Thursday, November 4, 2010

duh! Thursday

Well, I am laughing at myself right now!  I took quite a few pictures, but didn't have the memory card in my camera. Duh!
I did get a sofa cushion slipcovered, only 9 more to go.  The first one is always the hardest, so I hope to get them finished in the next couple of days. A very old sofa that is still very sturdy, just needs some updating.
Pictures soon, if I can remember to put the memory card back in the camera:)
Raining here, snow flurries expected tomorrow night.  I'm never ready for cold weather, its just too early for even a hint of snow!

Will leave you with a picture of Victoria, who is growing by leaps and bounds!  We affectionately call her Hell Cat now, as our two older cats let her get by with everything.  She is everywhere at one time, then all of a sudden, she is asleep and looks so sweet.  She is now 9 weeks old! A kitten by any other name-

What have you been doing?  Hope you are having a lovely week!


Mental P Mama said...

Those dang memory cards. I need one for my brain. Love Miss Victoria!

Daryl said...

What a cutie ... I occasionally forget to remove the lens cap ...

Average Girl said...

Oh Deborah... she is so cute!!!! As for the memory card, don't beat yourself up too much, one time I walked out of the house and forgot to put my bra on!!! LOL

jennifer said...

Nothing like a calico kitten. Beautiful